Thursday, April 28, 2005

tell me where you're going....

So I got my beach vacation. It wasn't too bad, given the fact that nothing went as planned:

* p and i didn't go with the friends we were supposed to go with
* we forgot to bring CDs to play in the car during the loooong drive
* we didn't get a cabaña at the expected hour
* the resort's pics online raised our expectations about the amenities -- and they weren't
at all
* i forgot to bring another swimsuit so i had to buy one hastily from the overpriced

Fortunately, the food was relatively fine (albeit expensive as usual, being a remotely located resort), the facilities were fairly clean, the staff were extremely courteous and helpful, and we were booked on the day most guests were packing up and going back to Manila so we managed to enjoy a peaceful and relaxing mini-vacation. I would suggest, though, in future visits, that we go on a day-trip instead of an overnight stay because there's nothing to do at the main core (resort clubhouse) and it costs PHP12K/round-trip boat ride to and from Sepoc Island, which is open to the public only until 5pm. So much for the beach bonfire I was hoping to have...

What struck me most was the beach itself (Sepoc island) -- white sand, rich coral reefs with pretty little fish, and most importantly, not too many people to pollute the environment with both solid waste and noise!

Sayang nga lang, we didn't have a tripod for us to take more pictures of us together at the resort. Oh well. P enjoyed clicking away at the scenery (the green leafy or marine kind, not the bikini-clad variety, thank heavens).

Ganda naman diba? See below.

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