Monday, October 31, 2005

i know we're cool

I wasn't supposed to go to this party but i suddenly found myself texting old pals and inviting them to join me last friday. Sure enough, I got to invite at least 2 to keep me company in an otherwise adolescent crowd -- or so I thought. I figured I'd stay for 2 hours tops, unless elaine would be super late (which she was, by the way).

In the midst of the surge of text messages and hi-hellos from each table, I felt the hand of a friend's mother tapping me on the shoulder and I gave her a peck on the cheek. She then went on to present her son to me who instinctively beso-ed me as well. I was surprised out of my wits to see this guy whom i lost touch with for over a year now -- and even more surprised at myself for acting so normally ("normally" being friendly). All of a sudden it was 2002 again, when work was good and we led our lives smoothly albeit separately; when there was nothing (or no one for that matter) that stopped us from being such close friends.

After a bottle of san mig strong ice we were picking up where we left off, had a few laughs, and it was good. When the party ended I didn't feel the need to spend more time undoing knots or delving into the dangerous questions. I bet he may have forgotten that friday night as early as yesterday (and I guess after a while I will have too), but for now, I'm just relieved. I wouldn't mind at all if we never get this chance again. Basta hindi kami galit sa isa't-isa, ok na yun sa akin.

I guess what I'm driving at is, well, if i may quote him, closure is overrated. Time apart really does something good to people whose personal spaces may have unwillingly overlapped. I find it such a fantastic thing that God allows us to forget to make way for new memories to remember.


Wednesday, October 12, 2005

though it doesn't beat, it's breaking

If I touch a burning candle I can feel the pain.

If you cut me with a knife it’s still the same.

And I know her heart is beating and I know I am dead.

And the pain here that I feel
Try and tell me it's not real
And it seems I still have a tear to shed.

If I touch a burning candle I can feel no pain.

In the ice or in the sun its all the same
Yet I feel my heart is aching. Though it doesn’t beat, it’s breaking.

And the pain here that I feel
Try and tell me it's not real
I know that I am dead –yet it seems that I still have some tears to shed

-- Tears To Shed, from the film Corpse Bride

I don't usually quote lyrics as inline text but this one was tough to find...wala sa official site! I got it from another blog when i googled the first line.

talo na niya ang my best friend's wedding sa mga movies na gusto kong ulit-ulitin.

panalo siya. 'nuff said.

Monday, October 10, 2005

lutong makaw ito!

ayoko na nga. ngayon ko na nga lang pinakitang gusto kong manood nito tapos ganito pa!

you know reality tv isn't reality when too many twists happen in one week...then again i had a feeling the execs of that tv network always had a say on any show's fate and a reality-themed game show was definitely not exempt from that -- especially one that threatened to steal the rival network's top spot in viewership.

ako pa naman believer sa conspiracy theories -- mapa-gobyerno o showbiz o kahit economical stability (case in point: BSP is such a great juggler in terms of keeping the peso from plummetting too fast given the fact that both the national and global markets are shaky). pati ba naman sa bahay ni kuya hindi kami pagbibigyan?

unfair. bob should protest against being forcibly evicted from the house. go bob!

at least ngayon nawalan na ako ng interes dyan at makakabalik na ako sa panonood kay richard gutierrez. haay. cheap ko noh? :)

Sunday, October 09, 2005

a franzen-jason moment at home

had a very relaxing time yesterday and the whole day today...i did nothing but eat, sleep and watch tv peppered with short phone conversations with p. i haven't done nothing for the longest time, and it felt so good it almost had the same effect as a 3-hour massage. di pa ko gumastos. panalo!

my sister and i had such a good laugh last night when we took each other's phones and started playing each other's alarm clock tunes! it's really freaky when you hear the tone in the middle of the night, kahit alam mo namang gabi pa at wala kang pasok the next day it still has the same irritating effect! actually parang kakabahan ka pa na titingin ka sa clock mo just to make sure it really isn't the dreaded weekday morning! try it once. nakakatawa talaga!

Monday, October 03, 2005

oh, such reveries

what is your song of the moment?

ako yung nasa title ko. gawa na rin siguro nung nangyari sa akin a few days back -- pero dumikit siya sa utak ko hanggang ngayon (this blog entry has been drastically edited for weeks), and i can't really get it off my head until this post is finally published.

don't you wish sometimes that things that happened before never happened? or have you wished for something to happen so hard that it came true (or at least you remembered it did)?

ay, ewan. i'm in a very vanilla sky moment now.