Sunday, November 02, 2008

Storia Di Noi Due.

It has come full circle. And it has brought me back to this.

I was hoping it would be movie-like, that we'd be Bruce Willis and Michelle Pfeiffer in "The Story of Us".

There's a history here. And histories don't happen overnight.

Alas, you never really caught on my flair for drama. You just didn't like staring at closure in the eye when you left me hanging on for dear life in your 6-month silence. God knows when you finally decided to end "waiting forever" for me, after trying to make amends about a couple of months ago while you were still enveloped in your idle loneliness.

But what I do know is, when one falls in love, and falls really hard, the length of time is never a question. A month may seem too short, but at this point, it had to happen sooner or later. Even I admitted to you that there is someone else in my life now who is waiting in line and who just might have a chance. I just wish you endowed to me the same courtesy to hear it from you.

So, Carlsen, I hope that this new love is the one that will finally sweep you off your feet, that one I've been telling you that you will go crazy about, the one that will give you a feeling that has neither rhyme nor reason. The one that I knew all along was never me.

And maybe, in the future, if our paths cross again, I hope I see it in your eyes that the bliss of loving selflessly is well worth its risks, because for me, it always, always, is.