Saturday, December 16, 2006

biting off more than you can chew

On learning:
...learning is of two kinds, one kind being the things we learned and knew, and the other being the training that taught us how to find out what we did not know...

-- "The Richest Man In Babylon"

I particularly was struck by this excerpt, quite timely now that I'm busy with choir stuff (thanks, p). I realized that I was relying on the first type of learning all the time and ignoring the second one, dismissing it as personal liabilities. I found myself cramming vocal parts, spiels and choreography -- things which eventually fall into place (at least most of the time -- other times I just cheat hehehe); but cowering in skills that I was not exactly adept in (like staying in tempo for percussion, which I attributed to my weak yet flabby arms that need toning --but that's a different issue that I'd rather not think about!).

They say that wisdom is knowing that you don't know everything. To admit ignorance is not to concede defeat; on the contrary, it is meant to liberate one's mind and to open one's eyes to the vastness of knowledge that lies ahead, waiting to be discovered. It is both humbling and empowering; it shows us how to value the teachers among us yet it also prepares each one of us to teach ourselves. In rehearsing and performing for the numerous activities this season, I pray that my mistakes not cause embarrassment but a renewed willingness to learn. In these moments may we remember the greatness of the One who was brought into this world in a lowly manger.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

your temperemental moody side, the one you always try to hide from me....

Couldn't sleep due to a fear that maybe a tiny mouse is lurking in some dark corner in my room and my internet connection finally decided to let me view the websites I wanted to see. I was excited to logon to hangad online's newly updated site -- though not all features are fully functional yet. still, it looks good to me. check it out! (shameless plug.)

I also finally got to see my friend's blogs which i haven't visited for the longest time. It felt like a reunion, with me saying hi to everyone like the receptionist who writes your name on the tag, the first person you see and the first one you forget. Being incognito has its uncomplicated joys; I get engrossed with stealth observation of friends' lives and the occasional snooping about some stranger's personal business.

I was about to end my anonymous watch with a blog comment when I stopped myself, figuring it was best for me to not let this friend know that I dropped by.

My thoughts rambled on and I realized how fleeting written or read messages are. I remembered the letters my best friend and I wrote to each other, envelopes of words which have yellowed and perhaps served as breakfast to the insects in my bureau drawer, and which I have never reopened for the past decade. I thought about those scribbled clumsy notes from a young love which I carefully kept hidden from every nosy member of this house, but have since been sacrificed to the flames to soothe a jealous rage.

I smiled at the thought of locked messages in my old pager unit, when the words "you know" meant so much that i just had to save it (bwahahaha what a child i was); and, of course, the clutter in one's mobile inbox which stays there until your phone loses memory -- or until you lose your phone.

To recall all those significant lines verbatim would be impossible, yet the snippet of amusement that I gained from trying to remember how much they meant to me then surpasses an outright effort to type a greeting on friendster -- they'll eventually erase that message anyway at some point in time. A cosmic poke will do. The words do get in the way sometimes.

Friday, August 25, 2006

how can i hold the part of me that only you can carry?

I haven't written anything of substance lately, so I'm going to resist the urge to do my evening rituals just so I could squeeze in a few thoughts and updates before I get too lazy:

Just this in -- I was saddened by this update; not that I have a personal affinity for oddball astronomical objects (though I have a soft spot for oddballs)...just goes to show that there are some things one holds on to as truth until the next smartass debunks it and there's nothing you can do about it.

The past few weeks have been quite busy for me. All of those things translated into a lackluster work performance last month. I still reached my quota but I almost missed it-- I gotta focus! It's been 2 months since my long break, I've gotten used to my new lunchmate who suddenly morphed into a close friend I'd hang out with after office hours, and now Dr. P has lots of time to make up for the missed dvd marathons, parties and telebabad evenings! I have to make myself worthy of all these good things coming my way!

On the other hand, I got a reality check earlier this evening before choir practice when we didn't have any special intentions to pray for and just settled for general intentions for those in need. I volunteered to close the practice with a prayer reminding us that as we live comfortably without too many problems, there are actually a lot of people in this world who suffer so much that every minute they are almost dying to seek someone who could pray for them, and as they drown in their misfortunes, hope for them seems impossible.

May we be always thankful for the life we enjoy, and for at least one of our mundane moments may we ask Him to bless those who are in pain, that they, too, may find solace even for just one fleeting minute as we include them in our thoughts. Cheese aside, I really believe that all of us are connected, and that the good intentions we wish for others create a wave of benevolence that reaches beyond our remotest acquaintances to those who are truly in need.

Friday, August 11, 2006

and so i'm back...from outer space...

Finally, after 2 gruelling months, I've managed to show myself online again! My PC has been resurrected from the dead (he is risen!) and I'm still enjoying the internet before I start the tedious process of reinstalling my accessories/hardware...

Pero inaantok na naman ako. SYET!

hehe. procrastination at its finest!

bukas na lang ulit.

thanks sa mga bumati. and keep on praying for our friends taking the med boards! =) my future depends on it! ;)

Thursday, June 01, 2006

and yet i'm still afraid to let it flow...

I've been quite retentive lately (not anal but more, uh, "urethral"). Apart from an infection i got due to my serious non-water drinking (i could pass the entire day away without a drop of water to drink) which caused my body to stop my pee midstream because it was excruciatingly painful (ok tama na ang oversharing), I have also stopped myself from blogging for some time even if I had tons to write about. I think it's because of my odd body clock that wants to be creative in the wee hours of the morning but is stifled by the conventional period of slumber of my family.

Sometimes I just have the perfect song, story or funny line in my head and then I turn on the computer. As it starts up I find it convenient to go to the bathroom for a shower or sit on the toilet, and when I emerge from there I realise an hour has passed, the lights are turned off, the 3-hour timed aircon has stopped, my sister is in Stage 1 of NREM sleep, hoping that I would finally stop tapping my fingers on the keyboard so she could jump to REM.

And I lose the desire to publish my brillant thoughts and shut the pc down, thinking that tomorrow I would have time.

But no, since I slept late I would be groggy in the morning, sluggish at work and get home late again and wishing for more sleep. Add to that the fact that my ideas have vanished into thin air and will not come back like a vivid dream that's kicked out of your head because you were shock-woken by frenzied dogs' barks right outside your bedroom window.

And now I've finally controlled the urge for forty winks and am now blogging, pero late na.

So bukas na lang ang tunay na kwento.

Gusto ko na either lumipat ng kwarto at i-rewire ang dsl sa guestroom para pwede akong magtype/magsurf magdamag without worrying about making too much noise and hampering my sister's success at deep sleep OR bumili ng laptop para di kailangang umuwi at mapirmi sa bahay para lang makasulat!

Pero sa ngayon, gusto ko lang matulog na ulit.


Sunday, May 21, 2006

i couldn't find the words to say how we are so MFEO!

which is why you should just check out the website on the title. *drool*

this one is ok, too...and it comes in purple!

or this one, which looks more professional-like than the previ
ous one, which looks too sporty for a non-athlete like me!

but i could settle for this cute one, too, if the ones above are waaay too expensive for me. ok na rin naman kahit walang expandable memory -- i've got a digicam and an ipod mini, so i might as well us this mainly for its phone features (though it being a fashionable item isn't so bad either).

kelan kaya magiging available ang mga ito sa greenhills? gusto ko na i-trade in ang cellphone ko! sana hindi ito maudlot this time...or worse, mabili ko yan and then another better unit comes along (which is highly likely) =(

the thing with me is that for cellphones i'm not one to change units regularly. only when i need to (like the time mine got stolen 5 years ago), or when it's free (i.e. i upgrade my plan and a new phone comes with it), do i get a new unit. but i have been pining for the perfect clamshell! 2 years ago i got an SE Z600 and traded it in less than a month for an SE K700i when i thought that versatility of features should come before aesthetics. now that the K700i's been acting up do i miss my beautiful Z600 clamshell! wala pa ring tatalo sa ganda niya...pero wiz benta ang added features niya talaga!

so, tama pala yung desisyon kong i-time deposit for 1 month ang naipon ko...para makuha ko na ulit yung funds in a few weeks and hopefully it'll be enough for any of these phones!!!!

Friday, May 19, 2006

ang mga kaibigan ko, drowing.

drawing uploaded from

haay. buti na lang may mga natuloy akong lakad dahil sa ilang mga kaladkaring napulot lahat ng barkada ko kasi, mas nauudlot yung mga planadong labas kaysa sa biglaan. e ang kaso mahirap biglain kung ang lakad may kasamang bus and boat ride to the beach! at dahil sa katipiran, hindi rin naman sulit kung 2 or 3 lang kayo pupunta so syempre maghihintay ka para pwede lahat...pero wala rin! kainis diba? tapos malaman-laman mo sila nakapunta na pala kung saan-saan... =(

napapaisip tuloy ako -- ako, maayos ang trabaho , ok naman ang sweldo, may mga binabayarang obligasyon pero nakakaraos naman, tapos hindi ako nakakapagtravel nang madalas dahil naiisip ko yung gastos; samantalang may mga kaibigan ako na walang trabaho o mas kaunti ang kinikita pero nakakapunta sa mga lugar na pinapangarap ko pa lang puntahan. hindi naman sa pagiging inggitera (o sige na nga kasama na rin yon), pero talagang ipinagtataka ko yun: bakit ako di ko kayang gawin yun? at nakuha ko ang sagot: kasi hindi ko piniling gawin yun. kaya ngayon, kung gusto kong lumabas at lumakbay nang malayo, gagawin ko na. kahit ako lang!

sya. itutulog ko na muna ito at bigla akong napagod sa kakaplano at kaka-undo ng plano. NEXT!

Monday, April 17, 2006

not like I faint every time we touch...

you're humming to yourself, aren't you? vanilla skies...white picket fences in your eyes...


segue muna ako sa walang kinalaman...we were singing for the Good Friday mass and we were tasked to do the "Crowd" role in the Passion Gospel kasi kulang sa missalette at hindi nalagay sa powerpoint guide for the congregation. A resourceful choirmate copied the lines on his cellphone via text so we could all participate, and everything went well until we asked Simon Peter:

"You are not one of His disciples, are you not?"

waaah! feel na feel ko pa naman!

bow. now back to the program...


You know how it is when you tell someone about a crush and then all of a sudden the excitement disappears and you feel nothing at all anymore?

Ayun. That's what happened to me and my little story. Buti naman. Sa ka-iintriga ng mga tao namatay tuloy at mukhang hindi na mabubuhay pa ulit...perhaps it's also the non-fun of it being so secret, so unusual and so out-of-myself (to this day, nobody got to know who he was, and even if I named him no one would still know him!) that let the air out of the puny day-old balloon that was the almost-crush of my post-adolescent life.

In the spirit of things I even talked to P about bumping into an old classmate's website -- well, actually, I proactively searched for the guy on friendster (
lekat na friendster talaga o!) and found him and his blog there. After reading some old entries I really got to thinking that perhaps we could've been friends if I allowed myself to go up to him and introduce myself. Back then in school, he seemed like the mysterious, stuck-in-books, reserved type. I figured, he probably wouldn't be the least bit interested in me. Reading about him now gave me a clearer picture of him and made me think otherwise...kapal noh? But I mean that in all platonic honesty. He's got not a few similarities to a bunch of guys I was close to before, and given my vulnerability at the time, it was highly likely that I would've even seriously fallen for him if I got to know him better (heck, I remember gushing about his name! his name sounded like music to my ears! I would tell my non-school chums about him like a child, as though he were an imaginary friend!). He was like my Damon Bradley that I would someday meet and who knows, would turn out to be my destiny...syempre uso noon ang "Only You" kaya gumaya naman daw ako!

But fate took an interesting turn and made me fall for the friend I least expected to fall for. He would laugh at my jokes and didn't mind me swooning over someone else I knew nothing about save for a name I peeked at from the attendance list. At the end of that class we'd go to SM North Edsa to watch funny, corny and downright trashy movies together and enjoyed every minute of all of them. We camped out in ISMED to watch a meteor shower, marveled at the city lights viewed atop Kelly Heights one blackout night, explored the mystical books and trinkets at Aura Cafe while being the only audience (unmindful and unattentive at that) of Ciudad who was playing unfamiliar originals. He was my tag-along-anywhere buddy.
And he remains to be the one I dream of going with everywhere.

So now, after 6 years of committed contentment, I chance upon the goofy pictures and published times of the guy I wore short shorts and high-heeled sandals for in class. Well?
I'm still contented.

Hahaha. Crushes.

Sometimes the one who doesn't make your heart skip a beat turns out to be the one that keeps it beating for the rest of your life.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

quid est veritas?

Happy Easter to you all!

The quote above is a Vulgate ("street") Latin translation of Pontius Pilate's question to Jesus: "What is truth?". I thought about a lot of "truths" during the Holy Week, especially at the Paschal Triduum:

  1. Palm Sunday - went to a recollection and mostly prayed using the Ignatian method known as contemplation, or imagining a scene from Scripture and putting oneself as one of the characters. We focused on the Last Supper scene and I was particularly moved by the insight that everyone, not only Jesus and the Twelve, but even the female cooks and handmaidens, were blessed and given importance. Then, I watched The Gospel of Judas on National Geographic and pondered on the possibility that Jesus Himself asked Judas Iscariot to prepare for His suffering and ultimate death in order to "sacrifice the man that clothes" Him. Again, there was an interesting insight from the show: even then, during the early days, there have been many interpretations of Christianity, and the discovery of this text gives us the idea that there once had been a group of Christians who thought that the relationship between Jesus Christ and Judas was significant, and that they were able to celebrate and glorify the existence of Judas.
  2. Holy Wednesday - went out to dinner with a few people at the branch and expressed our thoughts on the officer reshuffle at the back office. I felt it was timely, given the fact that it's Holy Week and we should think about forgiveness. Some of us thought otherwise and felt she deserved the Calvary she got herself into. Anyway, it will end with her transferring and I'm hopeful that her life will be less, uh, dramatic.
  3. Maundy Thursday - gone to Bulacan for the family Pasyon or Pabasa and finished chanting at about 5pm. After singing the Tagalog verses, I had an appreciation for the sensual (meant here as intense use of the five senses) nature of the language and how it creates such vivid images of the last days of Christ. It's senakulo on paper! At the same time, it made me think about why it had to be so; it was a form of inculturation, and scriptural scenes had to be interpreted in such a way that it would fit into the mold of the Filipino epic song, with familiar elements such as the "good triumphs over evil" theme, mystical events and legends.
  4. Good Friday - went to and sang for the Friday service at Gesu (Mass and Way of the Cross). Dad went with Ate to a different service (a Spiritist session) in Malabon to hear reflections on the holy days. He came home asking me about the Gospel of Judas, the Da Vinci Code, and was so excited about the possibility that more people would embrace the philosophy that has fascinated him all his life. This got me thinking: all my life, the religion I furiously defended was carved from readings approved by elders (who insisted the world was flat and prosecuted anyone who thought otherwise), and mindlessly disregarded all other references which they found difficult to understand and thus difficult to teach to common people whom they wanted to recruit into the flock. There have been a lot of other perspectives labeled as heresy, thrown to and lost in the wind, and those which remained to this day are still scoffed at, like my dad's, only because it's not included in the canonical gospels and they don't practice it within the fundamental faith.
  5. Black Saturday - watched a rerun of The Passion Recut, and over lunch Kuya volunteered to buy a pirated DVD of the movie instead of having to watch it right now. I told him, "Kumusta naman ang pagbili ng pirated DVD ng Banal na Kasulatan, noh?", to which he replied, "Eh kumusta din naman na nakakita ka pa ng difference sa pagbili ng pirated DVD ng regular movie at Banal na Kasulatan?" -- nga naman.
  6. Easter Vigil - read the Second Reading -- a loong narration of the Parting of the Red Sea, and sang the responsorial psalm. Also liked Fr. Arnel's homily on salvation history -- that God has been redeeming His people since the Old Testament, and ultimately sacrifices His Son and resurrects Him in the New Testament, but they still don't get the fact that they have been saved many times over! Fr. Arnel began with telling the Oprah episode where everyone in the audience got a brand new car and found themselves stunned and dumbfounded before it dawned on them that something so wonderful had been unbelievably presented to them. I also bumped into an old friend which started another buzz of gossip in the family car on the way home (but it's not about me!)...I guess one person's suffering is another's redemption.
Well, that's about it. I gotta catch some zzzz's as I'm off to a baptism in Antipolo this morning! I wonder who else is invited in our little group....

Saturday, April 01, 2006

sige, patulan ang tag...

got this from Ria.

4 jobs I've had in my life:
a. Personal Banking Officer - current
b. Recruitment Assistant
c. HR Systems Assistant
d. Children's choir teacher (this is not the PYC, btw. I handled kids from 8-12 yrs old -- got paid, too. Awa ng Diyos a lot of them are now in the PYC and I feel sooooo old!!!!)

4 films I can watch over and over:
a. Forget Paris
b. Mga Kwento ni Lola Basyang
c. Big Time
d. Awakenings

4 places I have lived (in):
a. Tierra Pura, QC - current
c. Miriam College (heck, from nursery to senior high dun na ako e!)
d. hmm. wala na e.

4 TV programs I love to watch: (as in 4 programs my sister lets me watch)
a. Pinoy Big Brother hahahaha (grabe na si Bianca - affected daw ba ako?)
b. Extra Challenge
c. Katoque on QTV Ch11 - ang saya panoorin yung mga young urban chefs (so ano tawag sa kanila? "yuchies"? "yuffies"? hehehehe ampanget)
d. Magandang Umaga Pilipinas - syempre love your own! Wok with Chan ang drama ni kuya na nagbalik-South Beach Diet after having to gain weight in Zsazsa Zaturnnah..

4 places I would have visited had I had the money:
a. the Himalayas
b. the moon (para malaman ko kung hoax ang Apollo 11)
c. New Zealand
d. Palawan (hehehe at least ito palagay ko mapupuntahan ko talaga kung mga 2 months akong hindi gumamit ng credit card...)

4 websites i visit daily:
a. Yahoo! Mail - for yahoogroups updates
b. Gmail - ganun din
c. Yahoo! - somehow I haven't acquired the habit of using Google as a search engine. Parang mas gumagana ito for me.
d. any link on the sites above that catches my fancy

4 of my favorite foods:
a. kahit anong iluto ng nanay ko
b. nissin yakisoba chicken flavor (yung blue) - halos daily breakfast ko sa office, along with
c. pugon pinoy pandesal - found in congressional ave qc beside Mommy's Pancit Malabon and a few blocks away from Circle C mall na katabi ng Cherry Fooderama -- OA ba sa directions? I swear you have to try it! still at 2 bucks apiece, it's great kahit walang palaman...eons better than the pan de manila variety
d. max's fried chicken

4 places where I would want to die:
a. at home, from a terminal illness that hasn't affected any of my senses para slow and dramatic ang aking paglipas wahahaha
b. other than that, anywhere else basta patay ako agad at hindi ako mahihirapan
c. note lang, parang ayoko yata mamatay in my husband's arms...kawawa naman siya naunahan ko pa...unless sabay kami mamamatay at malalaki na yung mga anak namin

4 people (living/dead) who you want to meet:

a. The Creator - nga naman.
b. some guy i shared a class with in college whom i never had the guts to introduce myself to
c. my paternal grandfather - napanood niyang mabaril si Rizal sa Bagumbayan, now Luneta (yep, my lolo was alive and of age during the Spanish period)
d. my paternal grandmother, whose cooking was legendary in Malabon

4 Places Ive been on Vacation (the last four)
a. Batangas
b. Tagaytay
c. Hong Kong
d. Bangkok, Thailand

4 Places I would Rather Be Right Now
a. with P
b. in heaven - yeah, i know it's not a place but a state of being, but, well, taken loosely...
c. happily retired with my retirement pay invested well enough to live off the returns - speaking of state of being, ito na rin
d. just home without worrying about earning enough

4 People I Wanna Tag (naku, hirap nito...not too many people read my blog, so...)
a. jen-c (mauto kaya ulit?)
b. jowi (ayan nakabawi rin!)
c. joa
d. kathy t

and when i'm feeling blue, and i want you...

In the midst of meeting my month target, an office crisis and freak clients gravitating towards my desk every other hour this week, I found myself giggling like a high school freshman talking to a boy over the phone for the first time.
magaling ka kung na-click mo ito.

Perhaps it was because it reminded me of how I used to crush on the quiet ones. Ah, ewan. Basta alam ko wala itong kinalaman whatsoever sa aking couplehood. wahahaha! ang defensive.

O sha. shine na!

Monday, January 30, 2006

click here to play a game and win a prize!

nope, that's not a virus. but the game's fun... for a few minutes.


by the way, it's about BIG TIME, the funniest movie i've ever watched since Shrek 2 (not counting the Roderick Paulate reruns on the boob tube). it's still showing at all SM Cinemas, so i do hope you get to catch it. thanks to jen-c who has advertised Big Time again on her blog. i watched it again with her, and i'm willing to watch it again with anyone interested in reviving and revolutionizing the Philippine movie industry, or just for the heck of it.



i just reached reached my month goal at work this week. 3 days from now it will be history and i'll be crawling my way with callused palms and skinned knees back to the top because i simply CANNOT miss my goals ever...

but for now, i'm just happy. =)

anyone in need of a personal loan or a credit card? (hahahaha do we reeeeeeeaaallly?) =)

Happy Chinese New Year! swerte kaya ang Goat ('79-ers) in the Year of the Dog?

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

every day's a new day

They say January is more a marrying month in the Philippines than June...methinks it's a toss-up between December and January judging from the number of weddings I've sung for in the transition between '05 and '06 (this picture is not included in my sweeping generalisation of Filipino statistics; the wedding happened in November...). Suffice it to say that if it weren't for good ol' salabat I 'd be sounding like Mary Walter.

I'm still a sucker for nuptials, though; P snickers whenever he sees a tear welling up at the corner of my eye during the ceremony. E bakit ba? It's such a touching event, albeit nerve-wracking for those whom it's celebrated for; and I still marvel at the thought of it giving people a practically brand new life after an hour or so of singing, sacraments and shutter-controlled smiles.

Sigh. Such sweet traditions make me feel blessed to be young and alive in this period, in this world. Sana lang maabutan ko ito pag panahon ko na! =)

Thanks, Ina. =)

Sunday, January 15, 2006

i-spell yes, Y-E-S; i-spell no, N-O...

...and out you go!

sige na nga, patulan na ang tag.

terms per jowi are the ff:

1. The tagged victim has to come up with 8 different points of his/her perfect lover.
2. Need to mention the sex of the target.
3. Tag 8 victims to join this game & leave a comment on their comments saying they've been tagged.
4. If tagged the 2nd time, theres no need to post again.

so, here goes:

2. (inuna ko na ito para hindi na itanong.) target is *STRAIGHT!* male. ayoko maagawan.

1.1. he should love me within the period of time that i love him.
mahirap yung "he should love me" lang kasi baka kung kailan niya ako mamahalin saka pa
ako nawalan ng pagmamahal sa kanya e di ginulo pa niya buhay ko kung ganon!
(mega-explain ba?!?)

1.2. he should have respect for my family and friends, and his family and friends, too.

1.3. he should be physically attractive (at least to me).
honestly, i don't go for the Bench model types; i like my men flawed a bit pero basta 10 fingers, 10 toes (but not on the same hand/foot!), 5 senses working well, ok naman ang
skin, no bad BO (kasi may good body odors naman diba?) at mas matangkad sa akin.

1.4. he should be able to make me laugh, and laugh at my jokes!
again, self-explanatory.

1.5. he should have a sense of social responsibility.
tipong he doesn't live or make decisions solely for himself or his own betterment but
also for the "greater good".
1.6. he should have a healthy appreciation for music.
he doesn't have to be a singer or a musical artist, but should be able to
understand my passion for music and even share it.

1.7. he should have a ton of useless trivia/handy information to kill time for small talk.
i just love the radio DJ-types who know bits of stuff that they think no one else knows
and just say aloud out of the blue. it speaks a lot about the range of interests a person has.

1.8. he should be humble enough to accept his mistakes and even make fun of himself.
bwisit talaga ako sa mayabang at hindi tumatanggap ng pagkatalo o pagkapahiya.

3. i tag: gp, jeline, ria, jen-c, ina, bianca, joa and kathy. basically i tagged all those whose blogs i read except for jowi who tagged me first and carlo who got tagged already pero kinebs!

actually, medyo corny ang mga sagot ko kasi serious ako sumagot. masyado nga akong mabait kasi hindi ako naniniwala sa konsepto ng perfect lover na pwedeng mag-exist. pero ito lang (at ito totoo): when i read back the 8 points of my perfect lover, i realised i was describing just one guy. and i'm glad he's still with me. =)

corny talaga ng kuntento, noh?

haay. =)

Monday, January 09, 2006

and a rikitikitik and a blue black sheep!

had to be "tagged" to update my blog...but before I shout "Monkey!" to those who know what Annabelle means, plugging muna.

watch Big Time on Jan 25! click on my subject to get to the webpage.
i assure you it's freaking hilarious for the pinoy pop public (i.e. pre-PS2 kids who didn't have cable or PCs then and whiled their time away with local TV, movies and street games)!

bukas na lang ako magsasabi ng aking "tag-lines", hehehe =)