Monday, January 30, 2006

click here to play a game and win a prize!

nope, that's not a virus. but the game's fun... for a few minutes.


by the way, it's about BIG TIME, the funniest movie i've ever watched since Shrek 2 (not counting the Roderick Paulate reruns on the boob tube). it's still showing at all SM Cinemas, so i do hope you get to catch it. thanks to jen-c who has advertised Big Time again on her blog. i watched it again with her, and i'm willing to watch it again with anyone interested in reviving and revolutionizing the Philippine movie industry, or just for the heck of it.



i just reached reached my month goal at work this week. 3 days from now it will be history and i'll be crawling my way with callused palms and skinned knees back to the top because i simply CANNOT miss my goals ever...

but for now, i'm just happy. =)

anyone in need of a personal loan or a credit card? (hahahaha do we reeeeeeeaaallly?) =)

Happy Chinese New Year! swerte kaya ang Goat ('79-ers) in the Year of the Dog?

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