Sunday, May 21, 2006

i couldn't find the words to say how we are so MFEO!

which is why you should just check out the website on the title. *drool*

this one is ok, too...and it comes in purple!

or this one, which looks more professional-like than the previ
ous one, which looks too sporty for a non-athlete like me!

but i could settle for this cute one, too, if the ones above are waaay too expensive for me. ok na rin naman kahit walang expandable memory -- i've got a digicam and an ipod mini, so i might as well us this mainly for its phone features (though it being a fashionable item isn't so bad either).

kelan kaya magiging available ang mga ito sa greenhills? gusto ko na i-trade in ang cellphone ko! sana hindi ito maudlot this time...or worse, mabili ko yan and then another better unit comes along (which is highly likely) =(

the thing with me is that for cellphones i'm not one to change units regularly. only when i need to (like the time mine got stolen 5 years ago), or when it's free (i.e. i upgrade my plan and a new phone comes with it), do i get a new unit. but i have been pining for the perfect clamshell! 2 years ago i got an SE Z600 and traded it in less than a month for an SE K700i when i thought that versatility of features should come before aesthetics. now that the K700i's been acting up do i miss my beautiful Z600 clamshell! wala pa ring tatalo sa ganda niya...pero wiz benta ang added features niya talaga!

so, tama pala yung desisyon kong i-time deposit for 1 month ang naipon ko...para makuha ko na ulit yung funds in a few weeks and hopefully it'll be enough for any of these phones!!!!

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