Monday, April 11, 2005

not for the first time i look back...

met with my high school friends last night in a hospital (one of them had an aunt confined there) and decided to have dinner after at shakey's tomas morato. funny how such dismal occasions could really round us all up -- only 2 weren't there, 1 is out of the country while the other is out of circulation (hehehe).

"have you thought about next year when we all would be going in different paths?", one of them thought aloud.

"haven't given it much thought...i've been walking a different path for 4 years now," i replied, referring to my having a job. all of them are still students.

"no, really, i mean we will really be pursuing different careers and going to different places," she reiterated.


i don't know if i'm the only one who feels this way, but i think for me it wouldn't make much of a difference. i haven't really maintained close ties until late last year when we started IM-ing each other on YM, burned sun cell's lines with its "unlimited" facility (which is misleading, given the fact that we have only 15 minutes for every call), and reading each other's blogs. landline telebabad as a favorite form of communication has become less and less frequent with our working hours, study habits and evening rehearsals (besides, we have the boys to telebabad with too -- one caller is enough!).

talking to them yesterday was felt much like senior high when we had pizza at shakey's katipunan on my birthday -- laughing at the same jokes, picking on the same slow friend, and sharing pretty much the same dreams, while waiting for our food that took like, well, forever to get to our table (same bad service, by the way). and to think i was getting worried about not being able to talk to each of them the way we used to -- what with past issues and present concerns that caught me in such uncomfortable situations...guess it goes to show that after more than 10 years of being together, nothing can break us apart.

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timoune said...

nag wa-ym ka pala..."wa-ym" kakainez... hahahaha...

add me para ma add rin kita.. t1moune or jowi_girl.

see yah around.