Monday, April 04, 2005

still on grief...

I told myself I won't be writing about the Pope's death but it's been death all week last week so I might as well get on the wagon.

I looked at a photo posted on Yahoo featuring the Pope's remains for public viewing at the Vatican's Apostolic Palace and I was relieved to see a recognizable figure resting peacefully on a dais. Even in death, John Paul II exudes a regal, almost divine aura that made even his would-be asssasin (or should it be "would-have-been"?) mourn for him in his prison cell. The embalmer gave justice to the man who was the personification of indefatigable Catholic faith. I don't know if there will ever be anyone like this Pope who made me walk effortlessly from Quiapo all the way to the Luneta Grandstand just to hear him say mass and catch a pea-sized glimpse of him ten years ago.

An article I liked reading the most described him as someone who remained conservative even in the most trying conditions that would persuade one to forego traditional morals.

Medyo amusing nga lang makapanood o makabasa ng mga alaala ng mga tao tungkol sa kanya kasi parang napaka-trivial nung encounters pero makahulugan pa rin sa kanila yun.. and it did not seem like bragging at all (like, "nahawakan ko yung kamay niya dati kaya feeling ko close na kami"); palagay ko talaga lang kasi na malaki yung impact niya sa tao na makita mo lang siya dati, pakiramdam mo nakita mo na si God.

Ay, ewan. I don't really feel that sad about the Pope not surviving his illness; what is sad is the apparent reality that there will be none like him.

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