Saturday, April 23, 2005

don't leave me behind...

nice driving music, this old ebtg album...

from boracay to baguio to batangas. yes, that's how my mini-vacation has evolved. and much emphasis on the mini, as it was supposedly a friday night to monday noon thing which dwindled to an overnight stay from sunday to monday (!)

ah, basta matuloy na lang.

went to megamall last night to watch a free concert with a friend, her colleague and p. it was a pleasant surprise as the band Juana, the guitarist of which is my friend's friend and the main reason why we were there, had a nice cute song that was getting good airplay on NU. oh, and by the way, the drummer is gorgeous. too bad I'm straight. Ü

i'm just waiting for p right now.

oops, he just called to tell me his blue beetle isn't home (probably drove itself to the mall to score some chicks hehe) and i'll be meeting him along commonwealth. guess i'll try to sneak in another post within the day (or the weekend).

hi, carlo! glad to know you're religiously logging your pilgrimage experience!(anubaz ang dami ng links sa post na 'to!) personal comments on my email for ya.

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