Tuesday, April 12, 2005

the promise you've been living by is just an empty shell...

just to let those who read my blog know (if you haven't discovered it yet)...

when my posts' titles are in burnt sienna you can click on them and see the full lyrics of the songs they were taken from. they may not all be accurate but it saves me time and blog space so all you can read here are my thoughts...or my opinions on other people's thoughts.

which brings me to another thought my barkada made me ponder on that fateful evening we went to the hospital: we were talking about how much we've changed or how much we've stayed the same and one of us posed the question, "sige nga, sino sa atin yung talagang nagbago?" Not one answered positively, but I sensed there was something in that resistance to reply.

are we just pretending we haven't changed because we're afraid of being alone? or because we're afraid of abandoning those we think need us? or could it be our own need to recognise who we used to be and try to reconcile (or evaluate) our present selves with that?

hmm. gumugulo na ang isip ko. more on this soon.

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