Wednesday, April 06, 2005

if you like piña coladas

i want to go to a beach.

but not to bora, which i have never been to, if only for the reason that i don't want to be where people i see on tv and in metro manila's malls are; developing their tan lines to show off like a soldier's battlescars and gossiping about who the losers at station 2 were.

not to batangas either, where i went a year ago and got hyperpigmented rashes from the fishy waters i had to tread to get to the other side of the island (the marks are still on my legs which prompted me to shun wearing anything above the ankles since then).

and most definitely not when i'm concave broke (meaning, i have gone below flat broke), which i am now.

i even bought myself a two-piece suit just in case someone decides to invite me for a day or two of sea-sun-sand (sail?), never mind if i still haven't lost the 15 pounds i planned to lose since november. i test-drove the suit while jacuzzi-ing in canyon woods and i think i managed well...albeit having a biased companion (P) who couldn't really say anything bad about it or me.

i want to feel isolated from the city crowd and lose myself in a pinch of paradise. i want to taste the bounties of the sea (and not overspend on a kilo of bilasang tilapia) and rest in a non-airconditioned hut while the sound of the waves lulls me to sleep. i want to trace my toes on the sand and see a hermit crab crawl out of a little sand hole. how i'd love to see the nightsky sans the light pollution and write verses on a little notepad or sing to the cool salty breeze while a bonfire is set ablaze by the shore.

haay. ang hirap naman ng walang outing. yayain nyo naman ako.

jen, la luz is booked on all weekends til may05. any other options? =)


timoune said...

I'm not jen, but why not try balai sa laiya (just a few resorts away from la luz) baka booked na rin but you can try... meron ding bagong resort beside balai...

tea_n_sympathy said...

hmm. interesting. pero wala pa rin akong pera! goodluck sa kin diba?

oh well. musings of a pauper. =)