Sunday, March 16, 2008

update on Dad

He's been under house arrest since Friday and we have no plans of letting him drive anytime soon. Surprisingly, he agreed to stay home but is worried about the cases he needs to review at the office; sabi namin huwag na niyang alalahanin.

What I'm worried about, though, is his appetite swings and that he feels dizzy most of the time. I'm thinking maybe it's because he's a bit down, but when I looked up his meds I saw that there were side effects linked to dizzyness, nausea and drowsiness. So maybe that's why he doesn't like eating a lot at mealtimes (because he feels nauseous) but gets hungry after a few hours because he didn't eat much. I'm not sure if his medication for diabetes or his multivitamins are in conflict as well with this new group of drugs...baka kasi sa sobrang dami ng iniinom niya sabay-sabay it causes some kind of reaction.

He's also having difficulty breathing when lying down so he would rather rest on the rocking chair or have a few pillows on the bed to elevate his upper body. All family members agreed to check on him once in a while during weekdays at the office, and I'm glad my Ate and Kuya are visiting him at home :) even my niece and nephew show their love (Monic gave him oranges and D cried daw, begging his dad to let him stay with his Lolo instead of going to the farm). It's kinda overwhelming, seeing Dad this way. Or maybe it's because I'm also a bit unstable. It came to a point where I prayed, "kahit si Daddy na lang po. Huwag na po yung sa akin. ok lang."

Yes, Janina, I'm feeling a lot of pressure. right. now.

I think this is a start for Dad to slow down and rest from work and I hope he realizes that too. We're all here for him, and I'm grateful to all of you who've expressed your concerns. I'm most thankful for Joy because she's more hands-on the past week than me, updating my siblings in the other house and doing stuff I haven't had the energy to do. Don't worry Mups, I'll jump back on it soon.

More prayers, please! :)

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