Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Daddy finally gets a room!

At about 5pm today, the Heart Center finally had a vacant private room for my dad. No tests tonight, though. He's scheduled for his angiogram tomorrow, so tonight is his last meal -- and he completely ignored the hospital food! Before I left the office, he asked for soup from a favorite chinese restaurant near my branch. Syempre I gave in and bought not only soup but his favorite noodles, beef with broccoli and yang chow rice -- the rest were for us family members who were so eager to see our father in a hospital for the first time in his life. My sister in law asked if my other brother was coming, and Ate said, "pupunta yun siguro, gutom yon!" Ganun?!? Gawin bang buffet fiesta ang ospital?!? Hehe. Pero ako fan ng hospital food so kinain ko yun while my siblings had the lauriat I bought. Dad was pleased, but still did not eat as much. I hope he had enough to keep him full until the procedure kasi kailangan yata mag-fasting...

All of us, of course, are making the atmosphere so light for Dad, kasi nga it's his first time to be confined overnight (the last time he had a room was for an executive checkup when I was still in high school which lasted only an entire day), and the tests/procedures are new to him.
I guess he'll stay there surely at least till Maundy Thursday depending on the results and necessary follow-up procedures (note to Hangad: will let you know ASAP if we could still make it to the Triduum masses). But definitely we won't be at the pabasa/pasyon in Bulacan...so sorry to our relatives waiting for us there -- we know they understand.

So, we still don't know anything yet -- we're still on our toes, but we're very hopeful that it will lead to recovery soon! Dumadami na ang nagdadasal so let's keep this going! =)

Salamat talaga sa inyong lahat. Di ko na matext lahat kayo so yun na muna. Pasensya sa mga hindi nakaalam...feel free to forward this via email to our friends not on multiply if they would like to know more about it. GP! Biancs! I'm updating this for you guys there in Boston! Let, ikaw na bahala magbalita sa Australia ha? =)

Sana huwag lang talaga masyadong kabahan si Daddy...anything new is fearful but like what Swapee told me, "embrace the fear...then, thank it for the lessons it's trying to teach...then, let it go."

All together now, friends!!!


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