Sunday, January 06, 2008

uno, dos, tres, katorse!

Lulubusin ko na ang pag-blog habang tahimik pa dito sa bahay...

A lot of things happened during the last month of 2007. I was moving branches, helped out with P's family during his Lola's passing, had a bunch of relatives from Australia staying over well until the first few weeks of the new year, 4 Christmas parties with 4 different groups all in the same week, and the usual family Christmas/New Year dinners and lunch reunions.

Surprisingly, I didn't eat as much as I used to. I guess I was so caught up in the preparations of the numerous activities -- buti na lang!

I have a lot to thank for. Twas a shining year for Hangad, particularly with the success of the a cappella concert. Work-wise, all the long hours paid off as we met our targets for the year -- and even exceeded our goals! (sana ganun pa rin in 2008...)

I got to spend time with my family with our vacation in Boracay, and with my Dad in Japan. That was such a memorable experience! Here's to more trips and more laughs, and less stress for us at the household! :)

2007 also gave me new friends, and brought back old ones I haven't kept in touch with for the longest time. I found myself finally having time to have coffee and conversations with those I've been meaning to spend time with in ages. I never thought I still had the stamina to stay up until sunrise just to talk...hahaha it felt so high school!

Most of all, I'm grateful for the good health, good fortune and great relationships. P and I are on our 95th month together, and I pray we'll continue to keep each other happy :)

The first week of the new year has just ended. Akala mo pahinga na? Uupo lang sandali para matigil ang vertigo, but after that, let's keep the ball rolling! Now is the time! :)

Isang masaya, masagana, at masigabong taon para sa ating lahat!


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