Monday, January 28, 2008

huwag nang mag-atubili, bumili na kayo.

Well, hindi siya Astro Cigarettes. Pero ito na ang totoo: ito na yata ang pinakamasarap na sorbetes na natikman ko.

I chanced upon this flavor when I was looking for something to bring to a friend's birthday. I knew Selecta had a variant when I was in grade school, but their version was something like pale cheese ice cream with blueberry jam ripple and chunks of graham crackers. (It tasted like an uncovered cake left in the freezer with trapped water from the ice tray above it. ugh.) Since I was going to a party and was left with only vanilla and this blue one to choose from, I decided to take an adventure with the latter, hoping that Arce Dairy would get it right.

It did. Instead of a cheese-based ice cream, it was fruit-based (much like FIC's strawberry), with only a few hints here and there of cheese, tiny berry bits and dark graham cracker crumbs. And I must say it really tastes heavenly -- never mind if my tongue turns blue after eating a cup (and then some) of this sweet monstrosity. Goodbye healthy fruit yoghurt. I hit my 6-million target anyway so I think I deserve some sugar! Haha rationalizing na naman ang salbabida ko.

Pati tatay ko asked for more when I offered a tiny amount to cap his dinner (bwahahaha ang damot ko -- but he's diabetic!). That speaks a lot for someone who eats only ube ice cream -- or maybe it's because blue and purple are similar?

Promise, maghi-hiphop abs na ako this week para makabawi! :p

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Joa Larracas-Catarroja said...

Hi Chrise! It's been a pleasure reading your blog. I like catching up, kahit na virtual lang.
By the way, my dad likes Arce Dairy too - Cheese flavor naman. Hmmm...go figure :) He's not supposed to eat too much but I buy him anyway. I guess I feel it's my turn to spoil him.
Hope to see you guys soon.