Monday, January 07, 2008

Nargalzius is a demon?

Ba't parang pakiramdam ko maraming makakabasa nito pag tinapos ko na 'to...

For the longest time, I've had the floating thought that the name "Nargalzius" had something to do with an evil character. I don't know where or whom the idea sprung from -- heck, even the guy who uses the name says he got it from a line Dan Akroyd said in a movie (diba Carlo?), but I felt OC-ed to verify it once and for all.

Of course, Googling "Nargalzius" would only bring you to Carlo's website and its many pages, or different discussion boards where he commented on. I tried to broaden the search to "nargal" and I found a few interesting information:

- in the World of Warcraft, there is an orc by the name of Nargal DeathEye. See him here.
- the Irish Druids (one of the subgroups of a pre-Christian Celtic priesthood) mentions an
allusion to "the crowing of Nargal" (wtf?) that is making my nose bleed. Try to understand

It gets warmer in the next find, where

- in the book The Return of the Serpents of Wisdom (see excerpt here), the term Nargal,
Nergal, is the universal name of the serpents of Wisdom, and is also the Babylonian
equivalent for Vulcan, the underworld fire serpent. One of the most well-known nergals
is mentioned in the
Bible in the book of Jeremiah, Nergal-sharezer, the "prince of fire".

Finally, searching for "nergal" brings me to a wikipedia page that mentions, among a
multitude of things, the existence of a demon named as such, even touted as "chief of
secret police".

So yun. Mali ako kasi walang demon na Nargalzius. Hahahaha. What a useless effort!!

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