Monday, September 03, 2007

it's a supernatural delight

That is my first watercolor tree. honestly, i didn't know how it would turn out until the rain gave it character -- o-ha?!? *apir!* Buti na lang matalino ang ulan, hehehe.

It was one of the many things we did in UP the day he said we'd go out painting. Actually the entire painting portion of the day took less than an hour because it started to rain hard and we had to pack up. We went back to the parking lot to drive for lunch when we saw a familiar car -- a blockmate was in campus! We called him and met him at the psych dept lobby with his girlfriend. Apparently they had their own "UP date", visiting the different buildings and foodtripping along the way =)

While we were still in the lobby we saw another blockmate going down the stairs, interviewing a kid near the photocopier. Unfortunately she was unable to go out for lunch, but we came back for her after eating.

We had a late lunch at Friulli (tama ba yun?), a small Italian resto across Ababu in UP Village. Masarap doon, prices are reasonable, and that's where I've had the best blueberry cheesecake I've ever tasted (or was it just because it was such a lovely day?). There we met up with yet another blockmate (haha reunion na ito) and conspired to complete the barkada before the day ended. We almost did -- only 2 were not able to make it (unless we count our dear Kevin whom we have not seen since our grad photoshoot) -- when we had isaw and kwekwek across International Center (it's the stall that used to be near Balay Kalinaw), and finally dinner at Chocolate Kiss amidst a concert featuring school bands from the Philippine Dental Students Association at the Bahay ng Alumni (the band members had nice teeth and, well, nice teeth). Got home by 11pm, tired but certainly satisfied!

It was good -- not exactly the date I had in mind, but it was fun nonetheless! What was great about that day was that we weren't the stressed out employees that we are 5 days a week; we were just blockmates who happened to bump into each other's free time. It was as though we borrowed a Saturday from 1999 -- and savored every minute of it!

Haay. =)

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