Monday, August 27, 2007

you, you put the blue back in the sky

Pardon the corny lyric title...wala na akong maisip i-associate na kanta kundi yang kay Christian Bautista (tutal kamukha naman nya)!

How's this for spontaneity: he asked me out for watercolor painting on Saturday morning!
(o, jowi, buti hindi trip to manila zoo diba? bwahahaha! ;P )

It's funny to have this all of a sudden, what with the entry I just posted yesterday. I'm actually scared to bits since I don't have the talent for drawing or painting, but he says if the abstract artists could splatter paint on a canvas and call it art and get away with it, how couldn't I?

Bahala na nga. I think I'll just busy myself with preparing sandwiches on Friday night so it'll be just like a picnic...and if all else fails with my artistic attempts, at least the food will be great hehehe ;)

But the jitters could be due to the fact that this is probably the date I've been waiting for :)

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