Thursday, January 06, 2005

what a day

Today I had an extremely difficult day at was so bad I had to take a drag ( and then some).

I had this client whose bank account bordered on the minimum balance of the top bracket (and barely made a dent in our portfolio anyway) who called and asked for her chequebook which was ordered yesterday. I told her it wasn't available yet and advised it would probably be here by mid-afternoon. She called again around 1pm and said she was expecting her order to be delivered before lunch; I told her it still wasn't in the batch received around that time. By then she was already pissed and told me whe made a commitment to her contractor and she needed to issue a cheque right away. She grated chalk on the board when she told me that I committed myself to deliver her chequebook today (which I didn't do, by the way) and proceeded to treat me with such insolence by insisting that I comply with her request asap!

Aba naman, the orders are placed in the branch but picked up from the main office in makati. At ang maganda nanggaling na yung messenger namin mula sa makati at hindi nakuha yung order!!! He got back by 4pm and we promised it would be here by 4pm...AND we insisted on having another messenger to send the said chequebook so it could reach us before the bank closes dahil baka naman magalit pa lalo yung client...good luck na lang sa pagdala diba?!? Anyway akala ko naman ok na dahil tinawagan ng officer namin and the client said she'll just get it tomorrow morning. But nooo, I called her again to tell her it would be delayed and she said, "Never mind, you gave me a false hope that I'll get it soon so I told my contractor to come back tomorrow." DO WE REALLY?!?!?

Then I left my charger at home and had it sent from the house to the office dahil dead batt na ako, only to find a few hours later that I couldn't turn on my freaking cellphone dahil apparently nasira yung battery dahil wrong charger model! Ito yung nokia 6150 na binili ko sa tutuban...I canvassed for cost of a new battery around here and found out it would be arnd PHP250-PHP350....ang ganda talaga.

Haay. More to come.

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