Friday, January 14, 2005

forgetful jones

I have resolved to help myself and admit that I tend to forget vital points in my work and will set up a reminder log. Dati kasi parang iniisip ko kaya ko naman kahit walang mga little notes pero talagang ang daming mga na-overlook at hindi ko na kaya yung stress when I fail to complete a task. Hopefully it'll really get the momentum of my workflow glitch-free.

Don't you just hate it sometimes when you start things right then just because you missed a step everything seems to fall apart and you don't want to do them anymore? I think this is my biggest problem -- and the biggest reason why I don't finish tasks earlier than I should.

Honestly, I have moments when I doubt my psychological balance, especially when I'm faced with tweaks in the system of doing things. Sa simula talagang I do the task with zeal, then when something just doesn't work out right (i.e., the client i'm calling isn't at home and can't be contacted, or the forms miss one signature), parang nagkaka-A.D.D. ako (note walang H, I'm still quite slow in my movements pero not in the same task) tapos talagang ayoko nang balikan yung una kong ginagawa...tuloy, naiiwan lang siyang incomplete hanggang sa makalimutan ko na siya. Then time passes by so quickly that I don't feel it's been a while and the task becomes a threat to my work performance at crucial na dapat siyang matapos at mas sumakit na yung ulo ko kaysa kung talagang tinapos ko na lang siya the moment I left it idle.

I didn't use to forget things like names, birthdays or duties as often or as easily as I do now, and I'm certainly not at an age where this deficiency is common. I'm not taking illegal drugs either or significantly infusing my blood with damaging chemicals. Is it the stress? I'm not even too stressed lately. If this is my brain's idea of taking a vacation leave I hope it'll use up its credits soon and get back to work like it used to!

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