Wednesday, January 12, 2005


When was the last time I took time out to repeat a song over and over again so I could take down the lyrics? I believe I had about 2 cds then and tons of cassette tapes that I paused, rewound and played till I got the words of a current favorite. Then was born -- and was subsequently closed. Soon other lyric-lending websites sprouted from every searchable keyword in the web. And I lost interest in doing it myself and opted to just read, laugh at mistakes sometimes, or print out the legit words I probably wouldn't be able to ear out of my mini-component.

But that was also the end of memorizing songs altogether; I think I could barely get to stanza 2 of any post-90s song without pausing to remember the lyrics...then from lyrics, it became names, then tasks, then reports that never reach my boss.

Ang saya ko. Nakahanap na naman ng ibang sisisihin sa paghina ng memory.

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