Saturday, November 06, 2004

my mom is slowly opening my door... tell me I should be helping out with the household chores. my aunt from australia has been in our house for about six days now and she's hosting a lunch party here; trouble is, we are maid-less and i had to skip my greenhills thing with shenzi to show my mom that i'm not insensitive (mind you, the reason i'm staying home is NOT really to help but to act like i'm willing to).

you know, sometimes i wish i weren't the dutiful, dependable daughter my parents think i am. that way, i'd have an excuse to skip chores, leave the house on a whim and be back at dawn like my brother. and hey, mom doesn't love him any less despite his "unreliability". on the contrary, i think he's even her favorite. i just hate it when she speaks in her forever-nagging tone to oblige me to help out -- i mean, come on! she dismissed my dad's request to have a breakfast party at home with his friends last july because there was just one maid to do everything, and now, she's on all fours for her sister who wants to brag OUR HOUSE to her friends ?!? naman.

she's been really twisted these past few days. mind you, within this month 3 household help have left us, and her constant nagging and complaining about inefficiency didn't really sound too tasty for them to stay.

at kung kailan naisipan ko nang magsulat saka siya papasok sa kwarto ko...maybe i should take a day off from work to remove my glass doors and replace my locks. i think i could do it. maybe it'll be my little project this season....or maybe i could call tim and ask him to teach me how to do carpentry stuff -- or did he only mention he had a friend who knew how? oh well. i've got a lot of reasons to call him anyway so i guess i should get in touch with him pretty soon. non-issue guy naman siya kaya ok lang.

hmm. should go out now and do something in the kitchen. i'll just think about the big chance of seeing p this afternoon (i invited him over tutal binawalan na akong lumakad ng nanay ko, ergo, the lakad will come to me!)...and that's reason enough for me to not get pissed today.

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