Monday, November 08, 2004

bubbles in my thoughts

I'm feeling quite gloomy tonight. I had a drink and too much pizza with my officemates after work today because one of them had a bad day and wanted to go somewhere before going home. We shared a few laughs and a few serious moments and went home feeling normal naman, but somehow the grim atmosphere caught up with me when I found no one to talk to because everybody's asleep or out.

Maybe I should start writing to amidala. I don't understand it; we were never close but we're part of the same college group that still goes out once in a while...she appears to have a lot to share with me but we never get the opportunity to talk. I even wrote her on multiply and asked if we could catch up on each other during the next group dinner -- alas, that dinner turned out to be a 2.5 hour beerfest since my aunt had her lunch party extended to suppertime and I couldn't exactly just leave the house, being the dutiful daughter/niece that i am (though i did lock her out of our shared bathroom when i forgot to unlock the door on her room's side...*giggle*).
so i didn't get to talk to her sad.


just finished writing to amidala on multiply. medyo malungkot yung post pero at least i finally got to let it out.

yay! green guy is home! he texted me this afternoon if i wanted to watch a movie in eastwood after his shift but it was just too late...hmm. maybe he got to ask scooter girl. ano kaya pinanood nila?

i'll sign out now to find out!

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