Monday, May 12, 2008

a few more winks, Daddy. promise :)

Dad's still at the hospital. His endoscopy results show something that isn't too good. We have a CT scan scheduled tomorrow to rule out anything else other than the lump in his intestine that is still not sure to be benign. Dad doesn't know it yet but we will break the news once we also get the CT scan results. He was actually in high spirits today, thinking that the endoscopy is only a "formality" and that he will be going home soon. Unfortunately, he will be on extended stay again until all procedures are done..

I ask for you all to pray for God's grace to enter Daddy's heart; he has been depressed by the complications of his operation and his weak muscles. He wants to drive to Trinoma and watch movies with us already, and is saddened with every dizzy spell or miscalculated step whenever he tries to walk on his own. He also told us prior to the endoscopy that should there be a need for another procedure, he would firmly not allow it because he feels his body has been examined, probed, sawed and poked at more enough times already.

Thanks again for the support! Malakas kasi kayo kay God kaya sa inyo kami muling lumalapit para malampasan natin ulit ito :)

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