Saturday, June 04, 2005

the itchy and scratchy show

was supposed to go to a party tonight, but the hard rain created a lake on our street and my dad told me not to go out anymore so i'm stuck here at home trying to stop myself from giving in to my allergy's itch and worrying about sleeping on my bed with fresh sheets (read: new, untested and potentially allergenic material) which may end up giving me another batch of rashes. and, i just deleted a half-page full entry dedicated to my low skin immunity because this says it all: ***SCRATCH SCRATCH SCRATCH rubbing alcohol AAAHHH X-mark with fingernail on the rash***

iba na talaga mga insekto ngayon, sosyal na gamot ang kailangan tapos ang tagal mawala ng marks. i remember how my mom used to put Vicks Vaporub on my mosquito bites to relieve them tapos kinabukasan makinis na ulit yung balat ko. it made me wonder how the Vicks people ignored this function in commercials and just concentrated on the cold-cough "haplos ng ginhawa" drama. i tried treating myself with that when i had a bad cold and i ended up not having a good night's rest; the balm stuck to my nightgown and felt icky. the "steam bath" option was ok, a la facial sauna with a tablespoon of the balm in a tabo of hot water, but it gave those who wanted to use the tabo for its other usual function quite a *tingling* experience and i had to wash it with hard detergent to get the ointment off the surface anubato issue pa rin sa akin?!? di naman ako masyadong affected noh?

napaisip tuloy ako kung ano pa yung mga products na may iba pang function other than the recommended use....hmm.

sige isip muna ako para malibang at hindi maloka sa pagkamot.

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