Monday, May 02, 2005

Y los pajaros vuelvan a la velocidad del sonido...

Coldplay is back.

i was just surfing with a web radio on and caught this song that suspiciously sounded like chris martin and it happened to be him and the rest of the group with Speed of Sound, the first single off the new album X & Y to be released sometime this month (so...when will it be available in the Philippines? *sigh*) and it sounds very Coldplay with the usual piano-guitar-drums, LSS lyrics and glue-to-brain riffs. come to think of it, it sounds so much like Clocks, which i don't mind at all because i like them enough to let the familiarity pass...besides, it'll work in their favor as the new album will most probably be another hit.

3 commercially successful albums is not bad for a band who used to be chided as a Radiohead ripoff (well, we've got Keane to cover that department Ü ) and who may as well have gone into the mainstream market with
Yellow hideously "revived" by some woman (the song isn't that old to be rehashed!!!!), and, of course, the gwyneth paltrow factor sealed Coldplay's fate as a pop rock group...or, at the very least, an alternative sad-bastard-rock band who has pop fans. Ü

speaking of new singles, i also recently came across DMB's fresh release, American Baby, over 88.3. i almost didn't believe it was DMB because of the many bands whose singers are Dave Matthews wannabes (a perfect example is Blue Merle -- but i still like them! the mandolin sounds so clean!), but i checked it out online and saw the video. Ham nga! Ü

all these new songs made me click on Kazaa again and try to download them -- but i gave up after 10 tracks on queue which turned out to be sample loops of the song's first 30 seconds. grrr!! sabi ko nga hintayin ko na lang yung album e.

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