Wednesday, May 25, 2005

ordinary people

seeing john legend sing and play the piano online made me remember soulsearch...para siyang nasa bahay nina jeline, and the lively sound of the keys reminded me of gp and how we all used to just hang around each other's houses and play and sing and laugh even all at the same time!

haaay. memories. miss ko na kayo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i was drawn to the song naman while driving to work (which is about a song away from my house)...i chanced upon it on a station i used to listen to until my favorite dj called me a bitch on-air and eventually retired (that story in another post soon). i was contemplating about how difficult it was for me to resist being childish and demanding at the busiest of times for both p and me, and what struck me most were the lyrics -- i was close to just stopping in the middle of commonwealth avenue and shouting, "YES!!! SOMEONE UNDERSTANDS!!!" grabe talaga. natumbok ng walanghiya niya. bullseye. naiyak ako nang di-oras.

if any one of you cares to listen to it (you can check out the video dun sa Media portion ng website), would you tell me what other song has that "woh-oh-oh-ohhhhhh" adlib at the end of the chorus? it's driving me nuts and i can't sleep thinking about it!!! parang pang-broadway yung kanta eh...or is it a barbra streisand hit? or both?

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