Tuesday, October 26, 2004

swing your robe down low

I was listening to Caedmon's Call's Love Alone yesterday for sentimental reasons when a random thought came to me as I paid attention to the lyrics. All this time I thought the song was about reciprocating love to a special person.; it turns out it was about helplessness in a world of pain and suffering (how far off the point could i get?) -- and the grace of God that is essential to keep the world going. I suddenly remembered Amor, one of the scrunchie girls in UP whom I thought I could make a difference to better her future, and I felt a bit disappointed in myself for not being influential enough for her to see her through all her experiences and dreams.

Yet God is telling me through disappointing moments like these that we are all helpless, and at some point, we all get into pathetic situations, which we cannot get out of unless we place complete trust in Him. It sucks trying to be Superman when you don't have superhuman powers to change the world, but there is One who Is.

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