Sunday, April 05, 2009

me, the outdoors-y type? naaaah.

But no. i've had 2 weekends' worth of adventures in a safari/forest, jetskiing and trekking up (and down) a 5-hour mountain hike that led to a beautiful beach.

AND i signed up for a 10-km trail run in May, and a promise to finally (learn how to) bike in the same month.

WHAT AM I THINKING?!? For someone who trips on dry, even surfaces even with warning, it feels like another person has taken over my part of the brain that gauges my probable capabilities, with the conviction of Nick Vujicic (see his moving story here).

It's wonderful how the human spirit shines through to make things happen just by inspiration -- which starts from within oneself, and fueled further by the faith of people who believe in one's limitless capacity to learn and discover new things, and who witness each achievement as one goes along, keeping company every step of the way.

Haay. It's exhilirating, terrifying and head-splitting all at the same time. My 40 days of preparation starts tomorrow. I hope I live up to the challenge! :)

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