Sunday, July 20, 2008

6 piece chicken conversations and concert-crashers.

High school was not the happiest place to be if you weren't popular, pretty and pole-thin. Yet somehow, amidst all the angst, the peer pressure and the struggle for grades, solid-as-rock friendships get you through everything regardless if you're in the clique of the prom queens, the league of overachieving academics or in the locker corner of the offbeats, and the bond is so strong it stays long after you've quit your first job or obtained that second degree.

Just last Friday, I drove all the way to Rockwell from Quezon Ave just to have a KFC takeout dinner at a high school barkada's apartment. We enjoyed a few laughs watching comedy skits, talking nonstop with another barkada over the phone and swapping stories about crushes, just like old times. This time, though, the TV was YouTube, we were burning mobile phone lines instead of landlines and crushes were no longer blue- or green-blooded but blue- or white-collared, hahaha ;p

The following evening, I went out with another friend to watch a fundraising concert at a bar in Ortigas. The bar owner is his high school barkada, and we got in for free :) Nagkumustahan sila about batchmates, family and how it felt to watch newbloods perform while they sit at the sidelines instead of performing themselves. Unfortunately, there were a couple of anonymous sluts who shared our table, ordered sisig and some drinks and left without settling their tab! Kawawa naman si owner...akala nya kasama namin (actually I had no idea how they got to our table when I came back from the CR -- probably tried to flirt thinking my friend was alone). Kainis diba? We left on a happy note naman, after watching a spectacular performance by all the bands who participated, most noteworthy of all was Yosha, which was the reason why I came and stayed from 9pm to 2am in the first place :) We also bumped into another classmate of his before we headed for home. Funny, I just realised this was the second bar we've been to that's owned by one of his high school batchmates! Hmm. Someday we'll set up our own at sila naman ang dadalaw, haha.

Thanks to the nuns in green skirts and the brothers in greenhills for the schools they built :)

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