Friday, April 04, 2008

nowhere to go but up

What a week! So many things have happened the past few days, it's beginning to overshadow the events last March....
  1. Dad braved through the operation and is gradually getting better (creatinine! mag-normal ka na pwede ba?!?!)
  2. The world's local branch (hehe) transferred to a new building along Quezon Avenue nearer Edsa right before Isuzu. *shameless plug*: we're offering FREE brewed coffee and pastries every morning for those who visit us. more freebies: Kenneth Cole Reaction watc hes, wallet/key fob sets, black bank-branded umbrellas (alliteration fatale!), Sodex Ho Gift Certificates and a chance to win a slim TV if you avail of a card, loan or open a bank account!! Do drop desk is right by the window so if you pass by Q Ave, skip the tunnel and make a U-turn from Edsa and wave hysterically!
  3. I met my quota today in just 4 days into the month! WOW! Finally, I'm back on track!!!
  4. I have parking space at the new office, so I can use my car again!!! Though I think I'm getting the hang of riding jeepneys and walking from my office to the Heart Center (hah! kuripot kasi ako!)
  5. nice people i haven't seen in a while have dropped a line to say hi, and so far, all my weekends are activities ready to jump off the planner!
Of course, things could be better. Ika nga ni mareng Tracey Thorn, "it's mighty quiet here now that you're gone..." at super tahimik nga talaga sa bahay ngayon save for a few punctuated laughs ni Mupy and the barking of my little dog Kitty (mukhang kuting sa liit). Pero I'm thankful for the progressive baby steps we've all taken, grateful for the blessings, slowly accepting the challenges, and preparing to be amazed at my unseen fate.

Di ko nga lang napanood ang Toto (the American group, Igo! hehe) sa Araneta, pero at least yung isang Toto (Sorioso) napanood ko naman kahit isang beses lang sa here to view a most enjoyable performance of his song, Gupit. Na-inspire ako bigla magpunta sa
salon ah.

Sama-sama tayong umangat! =)

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