Monday, December 10, 2007

sleeping to dream about you...

Lovely. I went home right after a Sunday recollection to take my mom to church and take a long, much needed rest, when I found my nephew, D, sitting in my father's TV couch. Akala ko Monday pa date namin -- he decided to take a chance and made a surprise visit. Buti pala maaga ako umuwi.

We spent the rest of the afternoon and early evening installing pc games and playing each and every one of them...haaay. Hindi pala ako magaling magdrive ng monster truck!! Pero magaling ako sa memory games.

When it was time to go home, D was feeling a bit down and asked if he could just spend the night at my house. Actually, I was expecting P to visit after dinner but I couldn't resist his Bambi eyes when he asked. So we called his mom to ask permission and she said yes! We got his jammies, gave him a bath and tucked him in, and made sure he was sleeping soundly before P arrived...baka umiyak e -- or worse, sipain nya si Joy on the other side of the bed!

When P finally called to tell me he was on his way, I felt sooo tired already that I almost said nothing the whole time he was home -- nakatulugan ko nga yata siya at some point (sorry, P). Tsk, tsk. It's hard to make time for two guys Anyway, he just dropped by to pick up some stuff and to give my something to deposit at the bank the following day and had to leave early din kasi duty siya sa hospital from 830am Monday (today) till 830am Tuesday (tomorrow). So off he went and I was back in my bed with an oddly angled little figure that gave me absolutely no comfortable sleeping space. Good luck to me!

D woke up this morning surprised to find he was all alone in my room until he went outside and saw me park the car. I bought him his fave McDo breakfast which we ate together with my dad and watched a bit of Nick Jr. before I dropped him off at his place. Later, I'll be going to Eastwood and watch him perform with his classmates on "Harana Night" at 5pm.

So now, I gotta catch some zzzz's before I see this guy again for a third date =)

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