Wednesday, June 13, 2007

blame us because we are who we are/hate us because you'll never get that far...

Ang haba ng sagot ko kay titopao so entry na lang siya uilt :) somehow, Better Than Ezra's At The Stars (lyrics above) could be one's last laugh to eternity while those who are left wandering (and wondering) on earth never tire of pointing fingers ;)


True, true. thanks for the link :)

I do believe, however, that De Mello's radical perspective poses a challenge for those who may achieve higher spiritual awareness and will eventually seek greater depth than what is available to the lay congregation. The rise in popularity of ecumenism is witness to more and more people awakening their souls without losing their faith, almost like a new Pentecost(!), and a lot of what has been said before to be invincible has been broken down. We are past the age of burning books, and there are a lot out there which may help us find the truth, which may lead us to what has always been thought to be true, and then there are instruments of deception swirled with chocolate icing :) Discernment is key, and I'm hoping that the Church is staying true to the basic meaning of what it basically means to be "catholic".

Dancing close to the fire is exhilarating, albeit bordering on madness. A little more grace, though, is good to pray for :)

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