Tuesday, May 29, 2007

forget what we're told, before we get too old

Hmph. To think Snow Patrol used to be this bunch of kids who pretended to be members of Belle and Sebastian just to get in a concert. They're bigger than Belle and Sebastian now, at least here in this country that eats heartbreaking songs for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I once told a friend that we'd all be great together if we were in utopia; sadly, we live in a mamamaterial world...excuse me. I'm just amusing myself to lighten my spirits a bit.


A friendly client came by today to check on her account and when I told her that the funds she needed weren't getting through yet (later on I learned there was a US holiday so all international transfers were value dated to the next day), she started getting upset, telling me it was impossible for the funds to be delayed. Her once meek face turned cross, and I was unmoved by it as I thought to myself, I'm having a bad day, so please, don't start with me. Then, the events that followed soon after happened swiftly: Her eyes flutterred non-stop, her pupils shot up behind her eyelids and her body went limp as a rag doll in her seat. I practically jumped from my seat and alerted the operations manager and asked for help in carrying the client to a private room away from the lobby, and our janitor and one of the guards squeezed her fingers and toes while I gently called out to her hoping she would regain consciousness while her body was twitching as though it were being electrocuted.

I knew exactly what it was -- she was having a seizure. And it was the first time in more than twenty years for me to witness an epileptic attack since my brother died.

Moments later I found myself sobbing uncontrollably in the ladies' room. After washing my face I went back to the client to tell her everything was alright, she could get her funds (we just pre-terminated her time deposit), and I even offered to give her a ride to St Luke's where she was headed for a general checkup. The client's eyes were brimming with gratitude but she politely declined. She went on to tell me she was thankful that I was there when she had a seizure because I understood her condition, and that she was having a checkup so she could get well and hopefully leave her depression behind after her husband left her to marry another woman in Muslim rites. To add insult to injury, it turns out her in-laws knew it all along and even approved of it because she was "sick and of no use as a wife".

"Ang meron na lang ako ngayon, yung mga sulat niya sa email na kinukumusta niya ako, na papadalhan niya ako ng pera. Pero yung presence niya hindi ko na makukha."

"Bakit po ninyo tinatanggap pa? HIndi po ba masakit yung nagawa niya sa inyo?" --
hindi naman ako masyadong nanghimasok pero nilubus-lubos ko na, close na naman kami eh.

"Wala na akong magagawa, kailangan ko ito eh. Alam kong talagang napasubo na lang siya dun sa ibang bansa kaya niya nagawa yun. Pero aayusin ko ang buhay ko para mapakita kong hindi ako kailangang kaawaan. Para mapakita ko na pwede naman akong mahalin."


Another client came by today assisted by my teammate to redeem funds on an investment to buy a new car. He looked somewhat unhappy about it and told my teammate his wife, who is currently in the hospital, encountered a violent incident at the parking lot of the mall across the street. She was followed by a stranger and when she unlocked her car door she was pushed aside by the man who tried to steal the car from her. She retaliated and ended up being stabbed repeatedly on her arms. The stabber left her and the car in the parking lot. Buti na lang nakaabot pa sa ospital. They are selling the car.


Got an email from an officemate from the main branch telling me that one of our friends' mom passed away recently and we were to visit her tonight in Marikina. Unfortunately I had a late night team district meeting which ended at 8pm and told her I would just pass by tomorrow. This friend of mine emailed me a few months back asking for a copy of Hangad Acapella to borrow for what purpose I never knew (she wasn't a fan), and I never did get to send it to her. I'm thinking of giving her my copy tomorrow.


And I thought I had the biggest problem on earth.


titopao said...

Sa kabila ng mga nangyayari sa buhay natin, kahit na akala nati'y nawawalan na tayo ng pag-asa, mahal pa rin tayo ng Diyos.

Kaya nga't dapat tayong magpasalamat sa Kanyang kabutihan sa atin...at nawa'y atin ding ipagdasal ang mga kapatid nating nalulumbay, nag-iisa at nawawalang ng pag-asa, na sana'y magkaroon sila ng lakas na malampasan ang mga pagsubok nila sa buhay.

At nawa'y maging makapagdulot tayo ng liwanag sa buhay ng bawat isa.

Yun lang po =)

tea_n_sympathy said...

oo nga eh. like what my client told me, she's thankful that whenever a seizure occurs she's in a place where there are people kind enough to help her. of course these are instances she shouldn't expect all the time, but it brings her a bit of comfort knowing that there is a God who supports her dedication to move on and be strong despite her affliction.

a change in perspective brings us to a realisation that we are all in need: hindi tayo ganoon kalakas upang hindi mangailangan ng tulong, at lalo ring hindi lang ako ang may pangangailangan na dapat punan. maiibsan ito kung tayo ay makakapagdulot ng ginhawa sa ibang nangangailangan, nang sa gayon ay maranasan kahit kaunti man lamang ang pagmamalasakit na nagmumula sa Lumikha.

salamat sa iyong pananaw! =)

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