Saturday, April 21, 2007

You must have nothing more with your mind to do/There's a war in Russia and Sarejevo, too...

"The pieces fall it’s like a last day parade

And the fires in our streets start to rage,

so wave, to the people that long to wave back,

from the fabric of a flag that sang 'love all of the time' "

--- "War All The Time", title track from Thursday's 2003 released album

It happens everywhere -- though not as sensational as this one, but I guess the only thing I could post about the Virginia Tech mass murder this week would be best voiced out by
this essay from Stephen King.  


In other news, I got this from Yahoo!News.  At least the Catholic Church is burning down the old conventions (albeit slowly).  Nevertheless it's still a long way to go. Next concept to dispose of, please....

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